Elementary Faith Formation

Here are the Registration forms for this coming school year.
Click on the link, print them out and return them to the office:

2015-2016 English Registration Form
2015-2016 English Sacramental Prep Registration

2015-2016 Hoja de Registro

Click on these links for this year’s FCFF Calendars

FCFF 2015-2016 Calendar – English
Sacramental Prep 2015-2016 Calendar – English
Old Mission School Sacramental Prep 2015-2016 Calendar

FCFF 2015-2016 Calendario – Español
Calendario de Formación en la Fe con preparación para recibir los Sacramentos 2015-2016

 Calendario para la Formación de Fe para Niños/as y la Familia. (FCFF)

Contact Terry Burrows at 805.781-8220 x15
for information about
Faith Formation for Children grades 1 – 6.