All are welcome….

(A program for returning Catholics)

Landings is a Paulist program specifically designed
to help inactive Catholics to return
to more full participation in the church.

It is a program in which returnees meet
with a team of parishioners for compassionate,
nonjudgmental discussion, participation,
and answers to questions
It is also a chance to explore the problems
that may have had a part in the exclusion of the returnee,
or that have made returning more difficult.

We are not a catechism class. 
We are not a therapy group

(although there may be therapeutic benefits). 
We are not a wish fulfillment group.

In other words, we do not “fix” things. 
We provide an atmosphere in which the returnee
will find his/her own “fixes.”

The program is designed to be laity led,
and will only include priests, deacons, or other religious
when it is necessary for a particular problem.

When problems are so difficult, so entrenched,
then we provide referral to a resource
that will help the returnee,
providing that the referral is wanted.

The parish team was trained by the Paulist Fathers
to provide this ministry, and have been instrumental
in training teams in other nearby parishes.

For a conversation, call Jack Pierce, 541-4464 or